Double Silencer for Monster

This special silencer reduces in connection with an air box really very much efficient the noise of the Monster.

New Female XCitor Pilot

There is new member in the small group of certified female XCitor pilots!

The whole Fresh Breeze team expresses their best wishes to Petra R.!

Many happy landings!


This protector can readapt on SportiX to prevent scratcher evoked from pilotsuspension.Parts you get free of cost from Fresh Breeze

New gearbox for Monster and Solo

Our new rugged gearbox is for both Solo and Monster units. All new engines will now be supplied with this system. Belt adjustment is by a simple eccentric Cam. Now also available as a retro-fit kit.


This new Trike called Bulli-X bases on a Flyke.German certificated done.More info you find

Doublering DRC for SportiX

Reinforced cage for SportiX now available.This cage should be most important for trike-modus.The most stress in while of take off can tolerated from this new stronger cage.

80 km/h XCITOR 50 m/ph

Speed over a straight 15/25 km course : 79.6 km/h Date of flight: 18/09/2008 Pilot: Thomas KELLER (Germany) Crew: MÜLLER Markus (Germany) Course/place: Bissendorf (Germany) Microlight: Fresh Breeze Xwing ( Fresh Breeze Xcitor) Database ID 15167 Links to other records set by Thomas KELLER Links to other records set with the Xwing Links to the history of Speed over a straight 15/25 km course records set in sub-class RPL2.

Big head for Monster

This big cooling cyinlderhead for Monster is now available.
Suitable for each Hirth F33.
Coolingresult 20-40 ° Celsius.(65-105°F)
Weight 1,5 kg (3,3lb)

Peter Schulz won the Germany championship 2008

Peter Schulz is the winner of the germany championship 2008.He flown the Fresh Breeze Simo CB and Naja 21.Congratulation

Sportix 122 with Simo and Snap

Simo and Snap with a new face and pilotsuspension

Within some day´s the new generation of pilot mounting will be available
with a new concept of frame and cage for the Simo 122

The advantages are:

Deep hanging point of the glider

Flexible push rods "Schnappmatic" for a very good ground- and flight

Simply and easy starting and landing

Integrated rescue system in harness avoids stepping on the v-rope.
The container of the rescue system itselfes is fastened on the side (left or right) so it
doesn´t interfere you at no time.

11 l gas tank is low positioned in a very protected position in case of
crashes. It allowes you to fly up to 4h.

Very stable back frame but nevertheless extremely lightweight

Safetyring for SportiX

From now you can use this safetyring for the SportiX pilotsuspension.It will replace the plasticstrap to secure the U-shackle.It´s free of costs.

11 Liter Snap Tank

New 11 Liter Tank for Snap is now available.Fit´s in new in older models from Fresh Breeze.Easdy to install by yourself

15 Liter Tank.Now available

New fueltank for Monster/Solo and Simo.Suitable for almost all 122 cm Fresh Breeze engines.Sales are planned for end of march.Delivery now.

Xcitor world record confirmed 75,2 km/h

Sub-class RPL2 (Microlights : Paraglider Control / Landplane / Flown with two persons) Speed over a closed circuit of 100 km without landing : 75.2 km/h Date of flight: 13/09/2007 Pilot: Thomas KELLER (Germany) Crew: Markus MÜLLER (Germany) Course/place: Hannover Scherenbostel (Germany) Microlight: Fresh Breeze Xwing ratified on 05/12/2007 | Database ID 14

Wingman CBi

Wingman with intergated container
The neopren rescuecontainer will fixed lateral to the harness with a zip.
The flexible container permit´s to use small and as well bigger rescue-parachute
The v-line will placed behind the pilot.This simplify to slip into the harness
We plan to introduce this harness beginning of December 2007

New PPG glider NAJA

Fresh Breeze and POWERPLAY development team has been working with great enthusiasm on a wing purely for motorised flight. The requirements for a paramotor wing are too varied compared with a conventional paraglider, which is designed to have the best features for gliding and thermic flight. But finally we are able to introduce you our new "weapon". 'NAJA ' is latin and means 'cobra' a snake which underlines the viperish character of the new wing.


available now.The advantage is the automatic time for igntion for easy start.The altinator supplies up to 170 Watt.You can use your heated wear

Propeller Scimitar

Now available

Better performance in high speed

Reduced oscillation

Pleasant optic

Enlarged variable rear axle Flyke

Each side can extend for 15 cm

You can use your Flyke in slim or expand version

Material is stainlesssteel high polish

DULV certification

Do it yourself mounting is possible


Price excl tax 440.- Euro

Better running with CB

We found a better place for the legstrap´s on Wingman harness CB.The position from the legstraps are now higher and you can run much more easy.Also the CB-bars can turn more external to hold the A- riser in better position which pulling the glider We can convert your older model with no problem into this new version.

New thottlelever

From 15.10.08 with new reinforced lever and Start - Stop switch´s.
Available in regular and Up Side Down version
Left and righthand

New Flyke Color: Melon Yellow (RAL 1028)

Many customers asked for the Flyke in this sunny yellow color.
So we decided to offer it as a special.
Though changing the color of a powder coating is expensive and also the spare part service will be guaranteed the yellow Flyke will cost only 100 Euro more than the standard version in red or black.

Pumpcarburetor available at no extra cost

All Fresh Breeze Simonini and Solo models are now available with a factory modified, adjustable WB 37 pumpcarburetor. This carburetor comes with a separate,calibrated Primer system for instant cold starts and external, tunable jets that can easily be adjusted for changing conditions (density altitude changes). Under normal conditions, no adjustments are necessary from the factory settings. No frequent carburetor rebuilds are required as the membrane is made from long life materials. Advantages over the standard floatbowl Bing carburetor are: Works in any position (aerobatics, extreme spiral dives and wingovers) and is not affected by attitude changes (doesn't flood engine even if pilot is leaning over excessively). The WB 37 has been tested in this factory modified version for 16 month by several different pilots with excellent results and is available upon request at no extra charge.

New orderlist for the XCitor trike online

Due to new production processes and an increased capacity Fresh Breeze was able to reduce the lead time for the XCitor down to 3-6 weeks. It depends on the custom made glider design as well.
Orders can be easily placed using our online oder- and price list.

You can find it on our download section or

The picture shows the sail colours you can freely choose from.

New Pilotsuspension CB

New Pilotsuspension for Solo,Simo and Snap

Integrated Harness

Comfortbar under the arms increase the seat-comfort

Less virbration for pilot

Engine cannot turn on your back

Fast to fix to engine without tools.Just velcro and quickpin

Rear Mudguards

Due to the bad weather conditions we'd like to recommend our rear mudguards, which are available as an accessory for the Flyke.

(When ordering: Please note if your rear axles have only 1 nut M16 and a hole through the axle or if you have 2 nuts per axle and no hole through!)

We thank Werner Riehm for his pictures. There were taken before he had ordered them ;-)


Last investigation from 28.12.04 we tested the stability from our standart pilotsuspension. At "2800 kg = 6160 pound" the pilotsuspension bended but is not broken.

World record approved

World record flight over 50 km FAI triangle with Simo 122 and Silex S. Standard equipment with DULV-approval.